Bath & Shaving Soaps

We produce three lines of bath soaps, sure to meet your needs!

  Purity Soaps are made with fresh goat's milk and saponified vegetable oils.  They are gentle enough for any skin type (at left, Goodly Goats & Oats).
  All-Natural Soaps are made with fresh goat's milk, saponified vegetable oils, farm-grown botanicals, and pure essential oils (at left, Peppermint).
  Artisan Soaps are made with fresh goat's milk, saponified vegetable oils, high-quality fragrance oils and cosmetic-grade colorants (at left, Honeysuckle).

Each bar of soap is slipped into a clear poly bag to prevent scent transfer from one bar to another.  Remove the bag as soon as possible, because soaps need to breathe!

All our bath soaps are priced at $7.00 per individual bar.

1 Goodly Goats & Oats It's just oatmeal and honey - and what a great soap they make!
2 Unscented Nothing but soap here!  No fragrance added.

3 French Green Clay An amazing soap for your face.  Contains French clay.  You lather it up and wash your face.  Let the lather stay on your face while you finish your bath and then rinse off.  They clay lather acts like a mini mud mask and leaves your skin ultra smooth, soft, and tight-feeling!
4 Peppermint This will wake you up in the morning - like concentrated candy canes...
5 Rose Geranium A beautiful geranium scent!
6 Rosemary & Lavender Pure lavender essential oil and organic rosemary and lavender buds.

7 Abalone & Sea An ocean breeze at the very start of the summer... light, fresh, and clean! Coming Soon!
8 Apple Jack Are you read for the holiday season?  This is a limited-time offer full of great holiday scents!
9 Asian Tea House A very popular soap and the soapmaker's personal favorite!  Wonderful aroma of green teas!
10 Autumn Air On the top of our customers' "favorite scent" list - mmm, just like a walk on a brisk autumn day.
11 Bergamot & Mandarin Spicy orange bliss!  Soothing yet crisp, to wake you up - gently.
12 Christmas Tree You'll be reminded of the holidays all year 'round with this fragrance of pine and cedar.
13 Citrus Basil A great unisex fragrance that smells just wonderful!
14 Clove Spice is nice - especially in our soaps!  Your senses will be very pleased with this wonderful fragrance. Coming Soon!
15 Coffee With a hint of mocha, this soap serves both as a powerful cleanser and as a soothing balm after a tough day.
16 Cucumber & Aloe Clean and fresh, with pureed cucumber and ground apricot seeds as an exfoliant. 
17 Earth Smells just like a fresh-tilled garden!
18 Enchanted Apple This is the great fragrance of apple with something special added!

19 Eucalyptus A very popular fragrance that will help keep your head clear and your senses alert.
20 Fairy Orchid Who needs fairy dust?  This soap will set your senses happily soaring!
21 Gardener's Scrub With seaweed, fresh aloe gel, and stone-ground grits for exfoliation.
22 Gardenia Sweet and comforting  A top seller!
23 Grapefruit Jasmine This scent has been a hit with our local customers and we've decided to offer it to everyone!  You'll fall in love with its subtle citrus accents.
24 Heirloom Tomato Light and sweet, earthy but fresh.
25 Honeysuckle This soap looks  as pretty as it smells.
26 Hydrangea Soooo sweet, you'll think it's summer - even in January.
27 Jasmine Chamomile A light, pleasant scent.
28 Lemon Verbena A fresh lemon scent to pick you up!
29 Lilac One of our best sellers!  Customers say it's the best lilac soap they've ever smelled.
30 Lily of the Valley A fragrant reminder that spring is always just around the corner!
31 Magnolia A little southern sweetness for your senses.
32 Moonlight A popular favorite returns to bring you a sweet yet slightly musky path to your own Sea of Tranquility...
33 Ocean Rain Like the fresh, invigorating air of the beach after a storm.
34 Patchouli A classic, musky scent.
35 Peach Delight Breezy and subtly sweet, warm and invigorating.
36 Peony Are you using the soap, or covered in blossoms?  Your nose won't know the difference.
37 Rain Orchid This pretty pink soap is the favorite of our young female customers.  I think they like the smell, but I suspect they like the "pink" more!
38 Rose Garden We searched long and hard for a rose scent we liked.  We think you'll like this one too.
39 Sandalwood Smooth and earthy, perfect for a little bath tub meditation.
40 Sexy Little Things The name says it all.  A little bit naughty, with subtle undertones of sensuous summer fruit and frisky flowers!
41 Starry Night A little mysterious, a little mystical, completely relaxing.
42 Strawberry Jam Strawberries and sugar - a sweet, sweet combination. Coming Soon!
42 Sun & Sand Anna jokes, "It's as close to a beach vacation as I ever get!"  You'll think you're on the beach, too, when you smell this soap.
43 Sweet Pea Sweet and fresh, a little touch of late spring any time you want it.
44 Sweetgrass Remindful of an autumn meadow, gentle and pleasant.
45 Trade Winds Spicy, daring, energizing - if you can't go sailing on the Caribbean, this is the next best thing.
46 White Sage Distinctive and relaxing, good for what ails your mind.
47 Wild Mint & Ivy A mix of mint with just a hint of woody florals.
48 Woodlands Like a walk through a pine forest - our number one selection for that outdoorsy guy!


49 Shaving Soap Pennwood Puritanicals shaving soap makes a great gift for the guy who remembers how his dad first taught him to shave - with an old-fashioned soap disc in a mug and a brush.  With a lemongrass essential oil and bentonite clay, our shaving soap will help to give you a close, comfortable shave every time (with just a little nostalgia thrown in).